Tom leykis 101 rules of dating

My 15 minute date story makes her laugh BUT it sends the message I won't be fucked with.If a woman pulls out her phone, call her out in an disarming way.Situation one, she was texting, so I constantly fucked with her, and her phone, even took it away or put in her purse. Situation two, this girl goes to the bathroom and ended up being on the phone with her mom in the bathroom (planning her bday/her mom has cancer), I ended up watching the game at the bar, ended up fucking her the next date, we never met again.Situation 3, this was very early in my dating, she was snapping and texting while we grabbed a drink, fucked with her phone, got her home, but she got annoying, and sent her on her way.Perhaps if we're showing each other pictures and a text pops up."Go be fat on someone else's time" - Henry Rollins "i fascisti si dividono in due categorie: i fascisti e gli antifascisti" (there are two types of fascists: fascists and anti-fascists) -Ennio Flaiano When I'm in a good mood I just flip it on her and get her to work back the lost points from the negative perception she created. _____________________ If a female answers a cell-phone call in the middle of dinner, Leykis advises that the male should immediately get up and leave.He justifies this as follows: * It is possible that the caller is another man who she is going to have sex with when she finishes her date.

(Male and regular logic) "Dude she interrupted our date to gossip with her friend" A few things come to mind here: -Lack of respect -Lack of SMV -Lack of frame Of course women test you all the time, that's alot of how they decide on fucking you or not.

Nowadays, I ALWAYS drop a line about a 15 minute date I had and how I left her with her part of the tab, because I don't have time to be disrespected and I don't like wasting time how "Life's too short for that BS" I also drop how the girl went off on me afterwards via text and all I said was "k" - which made her crazy.

Then a week later she wants to make it up to me, but I ended up deleting her phone number.

* If the caller is one of her children, the man is already violating Leykis' 'no-single-mothers' rule.

* If the call is work related, and is deemed more important than the man now, it will always be more important.

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_____________ WIA I do not agree with the last two.

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