Simple dating sight

Simple dating sight

it was love at first sight for us as we met on holidayss nd always rembered to keep in touch nw we are together forevere :):) x x xx x I absolutely love this poem.

it really touched me, because this is the way i feel about someone,and i have found no one to understand this feeling, until i found your poem! I LOVED THIS POEM BECAUSE IT DESCRIBES THE WAY I FELT UNTIL I MET THE MAN I AM GOING TO SPEND MY LIFE WITH, WE ARE ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED AND I KNEW I LOVED HIM NA DWANTED TO BE HIS WIFE THE FIRST TIME I LAID EYES OPN HIM AT OUR MUTUAL FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY PARTY.

and the next day i went to a party and found somebody else and he makes me happy and know we r ingage to get married. I love this poem because as I was reading it I thought of this guy that goes to my school but his in year 12 and im in year 8 and i think he knows I think his hot and he keeps looking at me but ye I dont know what to do! You manage to describe with few words how I felt when I laid my eyes on the boy that I'm still in love with.While not technically “sight words,” they are words he will see in the classroom over and over again and should learn to recognize.However, most sight word lists are comprised of words that are found on the Dolch List of Basic Sight Words and Fry’s 300 Instant Sight Words, both of which can be downloaded from the Literacy and Information Communication System (LINCS) website.This peom is an inspiration to me, it will help me to forget about him but thank God that i experienced such happiness in just one special moment. I just wanted to say love is a beautiful thing, but love at first sight is mind blowing. He makes you feel things for a reason and I thank him every day for the undeniable feelings that love bring. I am an extremely timid person and I Said Barely anything to her all night but I felt something I have never felt before.i liked this poem .it reminds me of how i met the guy who is currently in my life. Even though i dont see hijm everyday we still keep in touch.

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I liked this poem because every thing which is related with LOVE anyhow,somewhat is having something common with every LOVER. Even I am i LOVE with a girl from the past six years even thats LOVE i First Sight. I don't like to believe that you can fall in love at first sight.

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