Norah jones dating qtip

Norah jones dating qtip

Anybody who called Norah up for a duet was clearly smitten by her way with slow-burning seduction, as they almost without fail cast her in that role for their own recordings, smoothing out rough edges or adding some sultry sophistication.This would seem like a limited specialty, but Featuring proves it’s not.There’s nothing like the excitement of coming home after a great few takes.Sharing it is awesome and I’m stoked about that, but that is so far from when or why I made it.This thinking is a reflection of a consumption culture fed by novelty, not by substance.A fast-paced machine that values 'freshness' over depth. I started thinking about it when I did that Blue Note 75 Anniversary Concert, and I just thought I wanted to play with Wayne Shorter and Brian Blade and John Patitucci again, I thought it would be really fun.

Sure, they’re excited by what they do, but constantly telling people to come check you out - that’s like a whole other personality trait. So it’s a little harder to weave through stuff and find stuff out like but obviously it’s really good for people who use it to their advantage. How does being financially well off impact you as an artist and the choices you make? I think for me, being in such a different situation to most of my friends who are artists, I could see how it could kind of make you less hungry, but for me it’s given me a lot of freedom to just kind of do what I want. I could see how it could go the other way if you’re wasting time doing stuff with your money, but for me it’s super liberating because I’ve been able to do whatever music I want and not worry “oh, if it’s not successful I don’t have any money”, so it’s given me that freedom and security for sure. I’d like to think there is, I’m not as funny as I wish I was.Do you have any financial advice for young musicians? Try to, if you get any kind of deal doing anything, be super smart about it and aware of what you’re signing. It’s really hard to make money playing music these days. What made you agree to do the song ‘Dreamgirl’ with The Lonely Island? My friend Sarah and I did a thing called ‘Dealbreaker’.It’s really hard for young people, nobody’s buying records, nobody is even paying very much for streaming services so it’s messed up for young people right now. But I love The Lonely Island guys and that was super fun for me.In the wake of her 2002 blockbuster debut, Norah Jones became an in-demand duet partner, popping up on albums from all manners of musicians.The 2010 compilation, …Featuring, helpfully rounds up 18 of these guest appearances, including a cut by the Jones-fronted country cabaret outfit the Little Willies, and what impresses is the range of collaborators and the consistency of the music.

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GQ caught up with Grammy-winning singer songwriter Norah Jones ahead of the release of “Day Breaks”, an album that will remind you of her 2002 debut album "Come Away With Me" which has sold in excess of 26 million copies.

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