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Several years ago, I inherited a professional Oxy-Acetylene setup.

5' tall tanks, heavy duty stand, cutting torch and smaller welding/braising torch.

I negotiated a rental return/purchase of tanks deal and saved about 0 of the rental fee. I inherited an oxy/acetylene setup from a cousin and rarely used them.

That was about 6 years ago and the tanks are still mostly full sitting in the corner of my garage. About 10 years later I wanted to used them so I loaded the tanks into my truck and went to the nearest welding supply house to get them refilled.

He came back and told me I owed over 0 in rental fees for the tanks. The time or two I futzed with them, I pretty much ended up with a lot of popping as the flame blew out and soot all over everything.Can you imagine if you just came inside someone and they were like, "Um, you weren’t supposed to do that." Occasionally, my boyfriend finds it hard to get it up. Take your time, really make sure he feels comfortable.My girlfriend told me she likes dirty talk, but I can never think of what to say. Whenever you get turned on when you’re not with the person, make a note of what’s turning you on.I know CO2 and SCUBA tanks need to periodically be tested, I'm pretty sure these do too.Oxygen tanks, like CO2 tanks and SCUBA tanks, are under a very high pressure.

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